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    • Periodico di
      Informazione turistica
      Aut. Trib. NA n.3104 del 15.04.1982

      Editrice Surrentum
      Viale Montariello, 8 - Sorrento

      Direttore Responsabile:
      Antonino Siniscalchi

      Luisa Fiorentino
      Mariano Russo

      'Surrentum' viene stampato in 12.000 copie da 'Tip. La Sorrentina' Sorrento
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Premio Caruso

The preparations started two days before the event, on June 25th.
The sound of musicians practicing and the construction of a stage could be heard while walking on Marina Grande.
Many people gathered to see the staff hard at work during the hot summer hours.
Una Notte per Caruso is an annual event that takes place in Sorrento. A prize, Premio Enrico Caruso, is given to the most influential Italian artist of the year.
Throughout the evening, elegantly dressed women and men walked all over Sorrento to attend Caruso on June 27th.
The stage was located on the shore of Marina Grande.
A round of applause followed every performance, which echoed throughout the neighboring businesses.
Una Notte per Caruso will be televised on Italian television July 5th on Rai1.

Elvia Limon