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    • Periodico di
      Informazione turistica
      Aut. Trib. NA n.3104 del 15.04.1982

      Editrice Surrentum
      Viale Montariello, 8 - Sorrento

      Direttore Responsabile:
      Antonino Siniscalchi

      Luisa Fiorentino
      Mariano Russo

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The Town of Sorrento and “A.Gi.Mus.” (historic and prestigious italian music institution, established in 1949) promotes the first edition of “Spring Concerts”, a festival of classical music to improve the tourist – cultural offer in the territory, which is held every week at the Council Chamber of City Hall, Sorrento, h. 21.00. The opening concert (May 4) taked place at the Cloister of St. Francis, where was officially inaugurated the new lighting system by the Concillor Federico Gargiulo. Made in Italy” is the bill of performers that includes professors and among the best graduates of Italian conservatories. Of note: June 2, “Italian Opera Arias”, performed by Elisabeth Warnfeldt – swedish soprano (the only foreign performer of the season), Antonio Sylva de Sarnelli – baritone, Paolo Scibilia – pianista. Follow as a preview of Southern Italy: June 8, “Homage to Genesis”, performed by Paolo Chiarandini and June 15,”Divine Strings Chords”music from Paganini to contemporary, performed by the unusual duo guitar-piano Torrigiani – Vannucci. The Mayor of Sorrento, Giuseppe Cuomo, asserts: “This initiative further enhances the artistic and cultural program of the City. To promote classic music in Sorrento (and not only) with a series of interventions throughout the year, by proposing a broad and varied repertoire with a formula easily accessible to most people, constantly not only helps to bring the abituées, but also those who know little of this kind and that perhaps, why not love him”.