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    • Periodico di
      Informazione turistica
      Aut. Trib. NA n.3104 del 15.04.1982

      Editrice Surrentum
      Viale Montariello, 8 - Sorrento

      Direttore Responsabile:
      Antonino Siniscalchi

      Luisa Fiorentino
      Mariano Russo

      'Surrentum' viene stampato in 12.000 copie da 'Tip. La Sorrentina' Sorrento
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On May 21st, Sant’Anna Institute-Sorrento Lingue (SASL), based in Sorrento at Via Marina Grande 16, will organize a Round Table involving 18 students from the School of Communication at Point Park University (Pittsburg, USA) led by four faculty members. The Round Table will analyze the online communication and web marketing strategies used by the Sorrento town hall, the Tourist Board of Sorrento, and local newspapers, magazines, radio and TV networks, in order to promote Sorrento and its peninsula as a significant tourist destination worldwide. The goal of the roundtable is to present an overview of the initiatives that are undertaken in the Peninsula for tourism promotion; it will also represent an enriching moment of exchange of opinions and experiences with American students studying in communication. The event is part of activities organized by SASL’s US accredited Study Abroad programs (summer and semester), for students coming from various American universities. Courses are taught in English and include the following subject areas: Italian Studies, Social and Natural Sciences, Art History and Archeology, Business Studies and Architecture.