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    • Periodico di
      Informazione turistica
      Aut. Trib. NA n.3104 del 15.04.1982

      Editrice Surrentum
      Viale Montariello, 8 - Sorrento

      Direttore Responsabile:
      Antonino Siniscalchi

      Luisa Fiorentino
      Mariano Russo

      'Surrentum' viene stampato in 12.000 copie da 'Tip. La Sorrentina' Sorrento
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Brotherhoods, Crucifers and the Rites of the Passion“Brotherhoods, Crucifers and the Rites of the Passion” this is the title of the exhibition opened on 17 March at Villa Fiorentino. Promoted by the Local Council of Sorrento and Fondazione Sorrento, the exhibition is organised by Massimo Fiorentino, prior of the local Brotherhood of Santa Monica, and covers three centuries of history. Visitors can feast their eyes on etchings, water colours, period photographs and materials custodied by the brotherhoods of a number of Mediterranean countries, above all Spain and Italy. “Holy Week in Sorrento is the most important opportunity available to express their strong bond with Christian values and to relive the traditional, solemn and emotional expressions of popular Catholic faith”, explains Sorrento’s Mayor, Giuseppe Cuomo. “Moments of great mysticism, such as the emotions generated by the slow-moving pace of the hooded participants that animate the processions, firm in their respect for the most ancient of protocols and unfailing in drawing the public’s attention to the dramatic events of the Passion of Christ”. “Through dedicated attention to all that revolves around the rituals of Holy Week, first established many years ago by Massimo Fiorentino, Fondazione Sorrento this year hosts an exhibition on the Brotherhoods, Crucifers, the hooded participants, time beaters and flagellants who, especially in Europe, relive the “dies terribilis” that accompanies the death of Christ in an atmosphere that is fascinating”, emphasises Luigi Gargiulo, Director of Fondazione Sorrento. “Every last one of the objects displayed, in fact, offers visitors a chance to capture the nuances, details and aspects that, if to a certain extent associated with the lay and religious events that animate the Easter period, on the other hand they allow us to appreciate the international value of the manifestations of faith in every corner of the planet.”