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    • Periodico di
      Informazione turistica
      Aut. Trib. NA n.3104 del 15.04.1982

      Editrice Surrentum
      Viale Montariello, 8 - Sorrento

      Direttore Responsabile:
      Antonino Siniscalchi

      Luisa Fiorentino
      Mariano Russo

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The Seagoing History of Sorrentine Peninsula

Until 26 June Villa Fiorentino will host the exhibition on the seagoing history of the Sorrentine Peninsula and boat-building traditions from Marina d’Equa to Marina Grande. The exhibition is divided into sections, from the history of the ‘Nino Bixio’ Nautical High School in Piano di Sorrento through narrated profiles of the various heads of school that have seen youngsters achieve their diplomas and go on to become some of the most highly respected shipping owners of the future, to a display of nautical instruments and a selection of real treasures held at the “Mario Maresca” naval museum represented by three group displays. One of the displays is of figureheads, sailors’ ex voto, articles sculpted on board and nautical instruments such as sextants, compasses, navigation logs and charts. Another foundation comprises craft design models with technical drawings of ships and boats. Lastly there is a considerable number of shipyard models of vessels and sailing ships crafted in the 1950s on the original construction drawings by carpenters from Meta di Sorrento. Historic information can be found in the exhibition on the Sorrentine feluccas and enginepowered boats, the famous ‘gozzo sorrentino’ and in-depth details on the yards owned by various shipping owner families from the Sorrento coast. In addition there is a painting of the Madonna and Child, dating to before 1853 and perhaps attributable to Eduardo Scarpati, which has a beautiful story behind it. The painting was on the “Corvetta Valoroso”, a three-masted bark that was caught in a storm. The crew called upon the Madonna to save them from the fury of the waters, hanging the painting on board. At that point the painting was violently ripped away by the sea, but an hour later the waves miraculously brought it back to the ship and the waters suddenly became a flat calm. Another part of the exhibition is dedicated to the model boats collection produced by Captain Carlo Di Leva: 80 models representing all types of seagoing craft and which began with construction of the “Consolazione”, the engine-powered felucca sailing boat that was the first passenger craft of the Di Leva family business. An example of extraordinary craftsmanship can be seen in the models by Ciccio Apreda, who donated to the exhibition the pleasure of being able to remember our roots – the trades that made sheer craftsmanship a sign of excellence typical of this peninsula and which in the seagoing field could boast the skills of master shipwrights. Lastly, it was also decided to dedicate part of Villa Fiorentino’s exterior to the exhibition, setting up a lightweight construction in the area in front of the play park to house a model of the “Rosa Madre”, a 3-masted bark constructed by members of Associazione “Gaeta e il mare” in Gaeta. Remember that the exhibition is open every day from 10 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 9 pm, until 26 June 2011.